Audio Blokes

Jake Almond

Jake made the sound track for Small Planet, BIG QUESTIONS.
He is a chilled out guy who lives in the United Kingdom. For the last few years he has been creating music and sounds for Jesse’s games, many of which were acclaimed for their audio. Jake loves creating sonic loveliness and is extremely happy to be on board at Bit Ate Bit games.

Ian Gordon-Lennox

Ian began his musical career at age 6 playing a garden hose attached to a funnel. He now composes music and performs in public on more classical instruments, but still favours the odd ones. For a game still in the works, Ian plays the melody on a baroque instrument called the serpent.
He also plays with the Fanfare du Loup Orchestra, Erika Stucky, his NYC Quintet and other groups throughout Europe and abroad. The rest of the time, he is Dean of jazz and improvised music at the Conservatoire populaire in Geneva.

Chris ZabriskieChris Zabriskie

Chris Zabriskie (rhymes with “whiskey”) created the soundtrack one hears on the LABYRINTH QUEST. He lives and works in Orlando, Florida USA where he composes original scores and songs for films, advertisements, games, and more. He currently has eight albums available for free download via Creative Commons licensing, and for purchase at the digital retailer of your choice. He is also part of the amazing team at Treehouse.
Contact Chris: