Thanks to you all!

Unsung Heros | © Anne Fischer CC-BY-NC-ND
Unsung Heros | © Anne Fischer CC-BY-NC-ND

Over a period of 10 years, a project such this one accumulates heavy debts to volunteers and underpaid professionals. I have learned much from each one of the people who participated in any way, large or small, on one draught or another.

It is an easy pleasure to thank all those who contributed in a positive manner at whatever level to whichever partial incarnation of this project. It is also my duty to offer sincere apologies to any contributor who remains disappointed about my inability to see the project through in a timelier and more efficient manner. Please bear with me, since this is undoubtedly yet another draught of the future – a future that belongs to us all. A warm thank you to each and every one of you.

Those Who Have Contributed in Significant Ways to the Project

Linguists & Scientific Experts & Technical Experts & Consultants & Other Support

Although not all of the contributions of our many consultants are recognised in the list below, nor is credit given to all the people who inspired and supported this project through the many years and the many versions. We publicly acknowledge and heartily thank them here for their time, patience and trust. If you feel you’ve been left out please let us know and we will gladly credit your contribution. Any lack of clarity and all errors are entirely my responsibility.

Rabbi Joseph H. Gelberman (†), Judith Steele, Laurence Sananes Zagury, Isabelle Nussbaum, Dr Sharon Miller, Laurent Rochat, Venerable Bhanté Dhammika, Ralf Hafner, Mohammed Abu Rub, Andre Israel, Hafid Ouadiri, Franziska Bangerter Lindt, Jean-Luc Torres, John Hannon, June White, Vanessa Sykes, Ivana Bayard, Julien Abegglen, Aline Balinda, Natacha Kuidé, Steve-David Marguet, Rahsan Uregen, Barbara Ndaw, Nicolas Witschard, Mireille Roy, Véronique Fehr, Patrick Poggia, Andrea Barbara Ehretsmann, Denise Wenger, Helen Putsman Penet, Gaëlle Senebier Glouse, Pascale de Senarclens, Jean-Pierre Meynard, Melody Péllissier, Lionel Lourdin, the Amar brothers, Ignacio Androgué | Elysium, Victoria Esposito, Beatrice & Nasser Bhakti, Daniel Junod, Catherine Steiger, the de Kalbermatten Family, Pieter Dekker, Marco Abrar, Douglas Fowley, Ariane Hentsch, Maritza Vitela, Mary Berdjis, Yasmin Farhoumand, Uma Lacombe, Camille Gonzales, Tom Carter, Clement Rossignol, David and Hillary Hacker, Sheri Noah Hacker (†), Dr Fionnuala Herder-Wynne, Monique Buunk Droz, Marylène & Philippe Flynn, Diana & Bernard Flynn, Ariane Bourjault, Swami Amaranada, Maria Carmen, Tôni Cravo, Barbara Fatou N’daw, Mechthild Baumsteiger, Marius Wieland, Birgitt Krumböck, Monika Esmerode, María Alejandra López Garcia, Valeria Sistek, Subiq Mangal Nepali, Rina Taira, Charles Patthey, Donatella Benjamin, Pierre André Chappuis, Oliver Büll, Joanne Blanchet, Renée Aukeman Prymus, Kylie Prymus, Matteo Risoldi, Yvonne Berchet, Martin Schoyen | Schoyen Collection, Jeff Saward | Labyrinthos, Massom Ansari | Dargah Haurat Inayat Khan Hope Project, Vénérable Mujin Sunim, Verena Moser, Yves Cerf, Odile & George Gordon-Lennox, Owen & Mary Louise Aukeman, Sushila Gordon-Lennox, Jefferson Gordon-Lennox, Ian Gordon-Lennox …

The AnamCara Project grew out of the work of the Ashoka Association (CH) with children and remains under her wings today.Ashoka.chSupporters of our first game…
the Loterie romande (CH)
Loterie romande
and the Fred Foundation (NL)Fred Foundation (NL)


APRES, the Chamber for a Social and Solidary Economy, based in Geneva, has been a constant partner with a common goal since 2007. Through the Interns Programme many have given generously and competently of their time. Without them this project would not exist today. APRES-GE