Labyrinth Quest

“And why wander in these labyrinths? For aesthetic reasons; because this present infinity, these ‘vertiginous symmetries,’ have their tragic beauty. The form is more important than the content.”
André Maurois (1885-1967)

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Labyrinth Quest is a game based on 9 labyrinths inspired by 9 different spiritual traditions. Each labyrinth motif is based on a unique historical cultural or religious reference.

Labyrinth Quest - Hindu Tradition Labyrinth  Labyrinth Quest - Humanist Tradition Labyrinth  Labyrinth Quest - 10th labyrinth  Labyrinth Quest - Photo Albums Labyrinth Quest - Muslim Tradition Album  Labyrinth Quest - Jewish Tradition Album  Labyrinth Quest - Inspiration for Bahá'í Tradition Labyrinth

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