Small Planet BIG Questions Game


Stretch your mind and soul with Small Planet BIG QUESTIONS, a delightful game for those keen on discovering spirituality and world religions through play.

The stars of every tradition emit challenging questions. Each correct answer contributes to the assembly of a famous monument and the revelation of age-old wisdom. Completion of the 9th structure unlocks the last level and opens the way to yet another sphere… ENGLISH/FRANÇAIS. Play alone or with up to 5 players. Designed for ages 12 > 108.

The game explores the spiritual and cultural aspects of 9 broad traditions practiced in the world today: Bahá’í Faith, Buddhist Way, Christian Churches, Hindu Dharma, Humanist Traditions, Islam, Jewish Communities, Local Religions, Tao.

Jesse Venbrux, creator of “They Need To Be Fed” and “Cheerfish”, developed the marvellous worlds of this new app, Jake Almond composed the transcendent sound track and Jeltje Gordon-Lennox is responsible for the concept and the content of the game.

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